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24h Car Locksmith Services in Berkeley

Jay's Locksmith Solutions & its affiliate network of independent and licensed locksmiths is the go to lock & key company in the Berkeley area. If you’re looking for a quick, reliable and affordable solution for any auto locksmith problem, Jay’s are the people to call. With a team of trustworthy, professional locksmiths working around the clock, you won’t have to wait long for an expert to help you out.

Jay's Locksmith Solutions is a 24/7 trusted auto locksmith service provider that serves drivers in the Berkeley area. With a team on call around the clock, every day of the year, Berkeley drivers feel safe knowing they have Jay’s team looking out for them.

The team promises to reach all customers as quickly as possible, but of course they are traffic dependent.

Jay's Auto Locksmith Services

Lost car keys, broken transponder keys, keys snapped inside the switch are all in a days work for the folks at Jay's Locksmith Solutions. Jay’s expert auto locksmiths have the knowhow and experience to provide fast, top quality auto locksmith services to owners of all types of cars in Berkeley and the surrounding area.

Car lockouts

We will dispatch a locksmith to your location who will cut a new car key right there on site. Our call out locksmiths work from well equipped vans which have everything they need to provide solutions to car lockouts right them, in them. We can cut a new key in our van and also program transponder and chip keys.

Broken Keys

There is nothing quite as distressing as seeing your car key snap in two - especially if it is in the car’s switch! But, when you have a locksmith from Jay's Locksmith Solutions on the job you have nothing to worry about.

Most people carry their car keys with them everywhere, leaving them in bags or pockets where they rub against other objects all the time, weakening them. So it is no wonder that one of the main auto locksmith problems that we are called about is snapped keys.

It is important to remember not to try to remove your key if it has snapped inside your ignition switch. Jay’s locksmith has the proper tools to remove keys without ruining your car’s switch.

If you have a broken key give us a call and we’ll fix your problem for you in a snap!

Spare Car Keys

We, at Jay's Locksmith Solutions, advise all car owners to have a spare key made if they don’t already have one, just ask us and we’ll have one made for you.

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