How to Choose A Safe for Your Business?

No matter what kind of business you run you are going to need a safe. Choosing a safe for your business may seem like a daunting task when you see the huge range of different safes on the market, but it needn’t be.

Before deciding on what kind of safe to buy you should take the following points into consideration.

What am I going to use the safe for - what am I going to keep in my safe?

Every business has different needs - there are a number of different types of items that business owners keep in their safes. Knowing what you will be keeping in your safe (documents, media - tapes, CDs, DVDs, film, hard drives, USB sticks and other forms electronic data, guns, jewelry, keys, cash and laptops or tablet computers), and what you will be protecting them from, for example, from fire or burglary, are extremely important factors when deciding which safe to buy.

You will find a variety of different safes, appropriate for any of the above. Each comes with the features suitable for the content that will be stored in it, for example, media, or data, safes will keep the inside temperature below 135 degrees as well as the humidity below 85%, because of the sensitivity of these items. Document or cash safes require a burglar- fire safe, which can be bolted to the floor.

How big is the space allocated for the safe and where will it be located?

When deciding on the size of the safe don’t forget to check internal measurements, to ensure that it is big enough for your needs. A safe is usually a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so if you believe you might be needing a bigger storage space in the future, now is the time to plan for that.

The size and location of the safe are important factors, and they can also influence the type of lock you choose. For example, if the safe is located under a desk or in a place that is difficult to access, it is more convenient to have an electronic or fingerprint lock than a key lock, which is tough to open. Here the question of how often you’ll be opening the safe is also important. There are also “drop” or “deposit” safes which have small openings that enable you to post documents or cash into the safe without even having to open it.

What is your budget for the safe?

Take all of the above into consideration and don’t forget to include the cost of transporting the safe.

Also, the budget for extras, if needed, such as back up keys, shelves, drawers and inserts, alarms, and more.

Your budget is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a safe for your business.

Now that you have the answers to all these questions it’s time to consult with a professional who will help you find the perfect safe for your needs and your budget.

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