Transponder Key Programming in Berkeley

What is a Transponder Key?

If you have a car that was manufactured sometime during or after the mid 1990s that has an immobilizer or alarm system installed in it the chances are that you also have a transponder key, although you might refer to it a ‘smart key’ or a ‘chip key’. Whatever you call it, the purpose of a transponder key is to thwart car theft. The way that this key keeps your car safe is by having a small non-volatile memory microchip (this is where the name ‘transponder’ comes into things – this chip transmits and responds to a signal) embedded in the head of your car key. The chip in the key contains a unique serial number which is programmed to be transmitted to the car’s system once the key is inserted in the car’s ignition. The car will only start once the key’s number is recognized by the system’s responder. Premium Locksmith Services Jay's Locksmith Solutions in Berkeley is a local locksmith company that offers a variety of locksmith services – auto, residential and emergency. The company cooperates with a team of expert locksmith technicians who are available around-the-clock, every day of the year, to ensure that they are able to provide locksmith solutions around Berkeley whenever they are needed. The team can help program your transponder key, no matter what type of key you have or what vehicle you drive. We have all the tools needed to do this with us in our van. Transponder key programming and duplicating is just one of the many locksmith services that we offer. Jay's Locksmith Solutions provides a wide range of fast & efficient services, at highly affordable prices. Our other services include:
  • House and car key cutting and duplication
  • Lock repair and installation
  • Car lock repair
  • Key extractions including extraction of broken ignition keys
  • Ignition replacement or repair
  • Car door and truck unlock services
  • Home lockout services
  • Residential locksmith services
Who Needs Transponder Key Programming? Basically any vehicle owner who has an immobilizer system and a transponder key might at some time or another need to have transponder key programming. Some of the main reasons that we have programmed transponder keys for our customers include, loss of an original key, wanting to have a spare key duplicated, damage to the key or a missing chip. If you don’t have a functioning transponder key the vehicle’s system will not start. The technicians we work with have the experience and knowhow necessary to program transponder keys. This kind of work calls for professionals, as it can be complex and it is vital that it is done properly, because if it is not, the vehicle will not operate. Talk to Us If your transponder key is giving you problems and you are worried about getting stuck we suggest giving us a call right away, don’t wait until it’s too late. An expert technician will be happy check your key for you and make any necessary repairs. Call Jay’s Locksmith Solutions at (510) 559-9965.